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Magical Musical Appliquéd + Embroidered Collapsible Toy Box and Storage Box

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Magical Musical Appliquéd + Embroidered Collapsible Toy Box and Storage Box

🎵 Step into a Symphony of Storage with Our Magical Musical Toy Box! 🌈🎶

Unleash the magic of melody and organization with our Magical Musical Toy Box – where vibrant colors dance to the rhythm of your child's imagination! 🎨✨

Why Our Magical Musical Toy Box Hits All the Right Notes:

**1) A Harmony of Colors:

  • Dive into a world of vibrant colors inspired by the most popular kids' instruments and toys. Our Magical Musical Toy Box is a visual feast that not only stores treasures but brings the joy of a rainbow into your child's space.

**2) Magical Instruments Galore:

  • Explore a treasure trove of instruments beautifully depicted on the box. From drums to xylophones, each 3D felt design captures the essence of play, turning tidy-up time into a magical musical adventure.

**3) Symphony of Storage and Style:

  • Enjoy the perfect marriage of organization and aesthetics. Our collapsible yet sturdy box, with a separate bottom insert, ensures your child's space is not just organized but adorned with the whimsy of musical instruments.

**4) Easy Moves, Musical Grooves:

  • Crafted with lightweight materials and reinforced handles, our Magical Musical Toy Box is designed for easy moves and magical grooves. Let the music flow from room to room with convenience and style.

**5) Sound of Space:

  • Witness the enchantment of spacious storage that doesn't overpower. The Magical Musical Toy Box offers ample room for toys, instruments, and treasures, creating a symphony of space without clutter.

Hear the Magic, Feel the Joy: Explore A Nice House! 🎁

  • Elevate playtime, elevate storage. Our Magical Musical Toy Box is not just a storage solution; it's a gateway to a world where every note is a celebration.

🌟 Make Tidying Up a Magical Moment: Shop Now! 🎉

  • Dive into the melody of organization. Explore our collection and let the magic of the Musical Toy Box transform your child's space into a harmonious haven.

🌈 Because at A Nice House, we believe every child's room should be filled with the magic of music and the joy of organized play.


Outer layer: polyester | Decoration: polyester felt | Interlayer: Washable plastic plate, oxford fabric & ordinary cardboard.

Shipping & Returns

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Approximately 20.75 x 14 x 14 inches.

Care Instructions

1) Fabric wrinkling may occur when the product is in transit. Wrinkles will come out easily with a quick steam iron. 2) Product can be spot cleaned with cold water. Air dry and do not bleach. 3) Product can survive the rough and tumble of daily life but is not designed to be stood or sat on. WARNING This item is not a toy. WARNING Adult supervision may be required. WARNING Keep away from fire.

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Maegan Carmichael-Magruder Franecki
This review has no content.

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Donald Simonini Welch
Great product, quick shipper, loved it so...

Great product, quick shipper, loved it so much for our daughter that I got one for our friends who are expecting!

These boxes are great for...

...storing toys, storing linens, storing hand-me-downs for future children, as a gift for someone you know who is having a baby or who already has kids, and so much more! Questions? Contact us! Ready to win? For a chance to win a free box in one of our upcoming raffles, follow us on Instgram and tag us in a pic of you using your new toy and storage box!