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Eclectic Tradition Hydrangea Print- Colorful Wall Art

Eclectic Tradition Hydrangea Print- Colorful Wall Art

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This Chinoiserie hydrangea print playfully commands attention with a touch of retro and abundance of color, all of which are artfully amplified through the acrylic medium! 

Ready to hang, this floral print measures 11 inches x 14 inches and is designed to float about 1.5 inches off the wall. It's also a dynamite accent piece when placed on a stand and used to adorn a table or dresser. (Please note: stand sold separately.)

We've seen this wall art print shine as bedroom decor, bathroom decor, living room decor, and it can certainly hold its own as part of a gallery wall, too.

Whether incorporated into spaces with retro vibes, rooms with bright colors, or used to add a POP to an otherwise neutral color scheme, this hydrangea print playfully and tastefully tows the line between timeless subjects and eclectic, modern energy.

If you're looking for high-end, eye-catching, head-turning pieces for your home, our selection of acrylic art prints absolutely do not disappoint. You'll see that this piece is no exception.

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